Ready For Prime Time?

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As with many US gov sites, the information scent isn't as strong as it
could be, but start here:

You'll want the 'Generic Search' link on the left, "Reports" menu.
When you find a phone (I haven't looked for Neo yet, I suspect it hasn't
been filed), click on "Detail" in the "Display Exhibits" column. And
have a .pdf viewer handy.

Hopes this helps,


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Duncan Hudson writes:
>That's encouraging - I am anxiously awaiting the Neo.  But it doesn't 
>answer the question as to whether or not an FCC filing has been made.  
>Maybe it can be used elsewhere on 3/11, but it can't be used in the US 
>unless it's been certified by the FCC.  Generally when the
>is done the filing is visible online - I don't see any OpenMoko or FIC 
>filings listed for such a device.  And that worries me, as I'm dieing 
>for this thing to arrive.

I spent a little while on trying to find filings, and couldn't
find them (for this phone, or any other).  Where (or how) should I
have been looking?

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