GPS Power Requirements

Jonathon Suggs jsuggs at
Thu Jan 25 18:08:43 CET 2007

Marcus Bauer wrote:
5mW if you get a fix every ten seconds.

10 seconds is a pretty big interval.  Where did you get that information
from?  Is there a table that shows the draw/polling interval?

Where is the documentation for the chip?  Can its polling interval be
controlled?  Who is working on the drivers?

Sorry for the inquisition, but this is the type of stuff that will have
to "just work" for "normal" people to use it.

Great ideas are just that...ideas.  We can dream up all sorts of
features to add, but unless they "just work" then they will fall by the
wayside with all of the other could-of-beens.

I hate how things keep getting compared to Apple (and lately the
iPhone), but what they are promising is that it won't do anything new
and earth-shattering.  But what it will do is provide a sleek, extremely
well refined interface.  Things will "just work" and be intuitive.  If
they manage to do it, they can keep the architecture closed, charge a
$1000 and they still won't be able to keep it on the shelves.  Lets not
get so caught up in coming up with new ideas that we forget to not just
implement and move on, but take the time to refine it beyond (well it
works if you download the libraries, update the config, etc).

Sorry for the rant, but this project has potential to be great.  But it
also has the potential to me a geek novelty.  Lets take the time to make
it great!

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