Gesture command

Foucault de Bonneval foucault at
Thu Jan 25 18:44:55 CET 2007

Hi all,

I was thinking of BT profiles and of people who constantly move form
home to car to office to client ...

So changing BT profile must be easier that calling a number or
accessing diary, phonebook.

So what do you think about having gesture recognition running to call
events such as :
 - unlock and lock screen (move up and down)
 - call BT home profile (one up one right)
 - call BT car profile (one up one left)
 - call mom (right left)
 - ...

I'am using mouse geisture in firefox and it's really pleasant and
saves a lot of time.

Projects like Sensiva, wayv, mouse geisture are working that way with a mouse.

Keep working OpenMoko guys, the project is wonderfull.


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