Reactions From Other People to News of OpenMoko

Dave Crossland dave at
Thu Jan 25 20:47:12 CET 2007

On 25/01/07, Wil Chung <iamwil at> wrote:
> I'd imagine if you draw parallels to the internet, the issue of malware and
> viruses inevitably crop up.  Just telling people "Linux is more secure"
> probably doesn't alleviate fears.  I probably wouldn't know what to say.
> Anyone wanna take that one?

Malware and viruses occur in proprietary software, because they rely
on problems that go unfixed. When software is free, the problems get
fixed very quickly in the short term - like in hours or days instead
of week or months. In the long term, smart ways to do things in
general are used, and these mean problems are not even possible to
arise in the first place.

That's basically how I field this question when it comes up in my
GNU/Linux speeches :-)


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