Why not switching automaticaly? Re: Gesture command

Robert Michel openmoko at robertmichel.de
Thu Jan 25 21:17:55 CET 2007

Salve Foucault!

On Thu, 25 Jan 2007, Foucault de Bonneval wrote:
> I was thinking of BT profiles and of people who constantly move form
> home to car to office to client ...
> So changing BT profile must be easier that calling a number or
> accessing diary, phonebook.
matter of personal priorities... 

> So what do you think about having gesture recognition running to call
> events such as :
> - unlock and lock screen (move up and down)
> - call BT home profile (one up one right)
> - call BT car profile (one up one left)

The PalmPilot had several hacks that allows the user to define
actions  like this to special key strokes - IMHO should the user
be able to define what must be easier than other,,,

Hmm why not switching automaticaly by using Bluetooth scans and 
GPS localisation?

E.g. arriving home and switching of the car will swith your
Bluetooth profile from car to home automaticaly.
And leaving home will start scanning if your car is on.

You see, OpenMoko/Neo1973 will give us much freedom for our
phone. :)))


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