intelligent (system-wide) profile switching. gestures and events (Was: Re: Why not switching automaticaly? Re: Gesture command)

Declan Naughton piratepenguin at
Thu Jan 25 21:58:27 CET 2007

Reading this, a potentially handy feature hit me, so I'm letting it out.

We should (and we probably will/do.. my nokia 6310 or whatever it is
does, like pretty much all nokias, and all phones) support multiple,
renamable profiles, defining ringing tone & volume, background image,
/perhaps Bluetooth profiles/ (which, I must point out, I don't
understand because I've never used BT and have never been interested
in it) and the like... One of these system-wide profiles are in use at
a given time.

Gestures trigger events, and events, as well as being able to make
calls, unlock the screen, trigger BT profiles etc, can be configured
to switch the system-wide profile.

Also, events should be triggerable between/at specific times, and when
the GPS system notices you've entered/are in a certain area... a 250m
radius around my school, say, where I'd like to phone to stay on

On 1/25/07, Robert Michel <openmoko at> wrote:
> Salve Foucault!
> On Thu, 25 Jan 2007, Foucault de Bonneval wrote:
> > I was thinking of BT profiles and of people who constantly move form
> > home to car to office to client ...
> >
> > So changing BT profile must be easier that calling a number or
> > accessing diary, phonebook.
> matter of personal priorities...
> > So what do you think about having gesture recognition running to call
> > events such as :
> > - unlock and lock screen (move up and down)
> > - call BT home profile (one up one right)
> > - call BT car profile (one up one left)
> The PalmPilot had several hacks that allows the user to define
> actions  like this to special key strokes - IMHO should the user
> be able to define what must be easier than other,,,
> Hmm why not switching automaticaly by using Bluetooth scans and
> GPS localisation?
> E.g. arriving home and switching of the car will swith your
> Bluetooth profile from car to home automaticaly.
> And leaving home will start scanning if your car is on.
> You see, OpenMoko/Neo1973 will give us much freedom for our
> phone. :)))
> Greetings,
> rob
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