Reactions From Other People to News of OpenMoko

Robert Michel openmoko at
Thu Jan 25 23:26:37 CET 2007

Salve Mary!

Welcome here on the OpenMoko community list :)

On Thu, 25 Jan 2007, Mary Stovel wrote:

> Just a few thoughts.  I recently  discovered  OpenMoko while  
> researching the Apple iphone.  I am not a developer, but enjoy  
> reading this forum.   

> I do not think  the average user knows much  
> about... the concept of locked and unlocked... much less open.  I am  
> your general user, looking for an innovative, easy to use phone 
It seems that we haven't scare you away with all our "ideas" "maybe"
"next version..."

> I was  
> thinking, if the OpenMoko phone had an easy  way for people to add  
> applications like the Widgets, the average user would like it.  ( I  
> would be willing to pay the developer after a trial).
I guess the most software will be free...

> I don't know  
> any average users that care about using their phone to browse the  
> web, but I do know a few that would like having a phone that would  
> let you use one phone at home and away ( like the T-Mobile  
> Hotspots at home project in Seattle)  
Because it will become Bluetooth (yepiieeeh) using Voip at home
will be possibe (to hack..)

> I would buy the  
> OpenMoko phone when it is available, because it has great  
> possibilities and I want to watch it evolve.

You could influence this evolvement, feel free to go on to 
chare your thoughts, questions, whishes or ideas...

Phoning will be an important core function of OpenMoko/Neo1973,
but it will be more than just a mobil phone or PDA or navigator...
it will be a powerfull combination of it.

On a PDA you could have a shopping list. Imagine you and your partner 
would use OpenMoko/Neo1973 than could this be a common task "buy milk"
and the one of both who came first to the shop can buy it and it will
be visual "done" for his partner. 
So no need to call the other one who may deep in stress ("ahh and you
are now calling because of the unimportant milk??????")

Have you every used a PDA? Than expect to do all this with the Neo1973
but with the power of Connection and GPS localisation.
Passing a paper show will remind you to buy envelopes...

Or you a shopping organizer will route your through a city to buy
the 3 items you want with the most shortest way...

Beeing on holyday - the Neo1973 could become a tourist guide
"On your right side you see..."

So you were looking for a new phone, 
but OpenMoko/Neo1973 has the potential
to become much more....


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