idea for Neo 2nd generation: Accelerometer

Bryce Leo bryce.leo at
Fri Jan 26 02:54:22 CET 2007

>On 1/25/07, michael at <michael at> wrote:
> Please refrain from making any comments of a sexist or sexual orientation
> nature.

What exactly would be "of a sexual orientation nature." He's not
saying that you have to impress ladies. You could impress men, little
children, cats, dogs, goats, or even your neighbors Venus fly trap
that you've been lusting over for the past few decades.

He mocked no one, nor did he force his views on others. He didn't say
that you could only use it to impress ladies he simply suggest a use
for anyone whom considers them self a man and is attracted to women,
or for women who are interested in other women. He didn't say anything
that could possibly be seen as offensive, he only made a suggestion,
he made no statement about sexual orientation, nor did he make
perverse sexual comments. And impressing does not always mean in a
sexual way as you seem to have taken it, I can impress my co-workers
with my wit and that gains me respect, and anyone can do that.

Please relax and think about what you saying and realize that he was
not being hurtful mean or degrading and that you should leave him

Thank you.

Bryce Leo

**I will clarify for Michael Shiloh and all other parties that "you"
(in the first paragraph of my response) in this case refers to a
general "you" and not "you" as in Michael Shiloh whom I'm responding
to. This clarification should not be necessary however due to his
thinking that the saying "impress the ladies" is demeaning, degrading
or generally bad is what causes me to express this distinction.

And Ortwin I think you're completely right that would be awesome. And
feel free to ignore Michael Shiloh, you did nothing wrong. Just
continue to be respectful and genuine and you'll be ok.

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