Some thoughts about the real importanted dates for OpenMoko/Neo1973 3GSM World 2007 Barcelona this year ...Re: Developers phone also fit for early adopters?

Robert Michel openmoko at
Fri Jan 26 03:42:34 CET 2007

Salve Marcus,*!

On Fri, 26 Jan 2007, Marcus Bauer wrote:

> On Fri, 2007-01-26 at 01:53 +0100, Michael 'Mickey' Lauer wrote:
> > Marcus, please watch your tone on this mailing list.
> It shall be.

Respect is the absolute basic for communication and cooperation.

> The fact that I didn't answer to that mail doesn't mean I didn't read
> it. Should I now say you obviously didn't follow your own annoucements
> and didn't read the topic you set on IRC because you said the phone
> would come out in January?
> But the point is not to get into a fight with you. GPS on a phone is
> still a unique selling point, as is the vga screen. People will be adore
> to have GPS in summer season while travelling. Publishing it in
> September is missing out a whole year.

I don't think that people buy a new phone to going on holyday with the
new phone - AFAIK the most phones are sold November-Januar.

> The competitors wont sleep and there will be at least 20 phones with a
> vga screen and GPS next year.
It's not just the hardware wich count. So it could be an advantage
when thousands of people buy a Neo1973 in Juni and traval with it 
into their hollyday.

> It is the most perfect opportunity for Linux (call it GNU or not) to be
> the market leader. Stop talking about releasing early, just do it. All
> that is needed is a dialing application.

Did you took a deeper look to the roadmap:
2007-02-11   Phase 0: Developer Preview
Why this date?

My guess:
   the most important date of the year for GSM communication.

   So even when 10 devices on the 2007-02-11 would be ready and running,
   it would be great. But just only with dialing application you would get
   laughter in Barcenlona.

   Probably the anouncment that *only* on 11. February the
   devices will give to some developers for free has boosted
   "I will have some of the first" on this list.

   On the other hand I'm shure that Barcelona is a very important
   date, so in the next week, we, the starting community is not (yet)
   so important, like some good talks in Barcelona.

So even when we have a close contact to Sean, Harald,....
and even when there is no big marketing department or network provider
dictating when the device has to be ready, I think all of this guys
are under a high stress to have a smart running device ready untill

I head in mind that they wanted to have 100 preproduced devices, is saying about 50.
Small number production are quite expensive.

After the flame ware GNU Linux I fear the next flame on this list.
Marcus your sound was absolutly childish, ego-based and unproductive.

We should support the core developer team now with patience.
They need their full energie to bring this baby to the world
so they should get our full support with _patience_
and no stress, nagging or even abuse like your mail!

On the long term for nobody of us is it important to start in January,
or March - let us trust into Sean and his team to do the right in general,
especialy when to ship the first devices.

I was the first one who became active on this list, 
but I wouldn't worry if I would have to wait longer
then others, IMHO you should share my point/approach as well.

It would be a pitty when Linux GNU/Linux flamewares (at the most wrong time)
wrangling who's getting the first and who's getting one for free would
poisioning the atmosphere here on this list. That would kill creativity, 
motivation and the enthusiasm to share and cooperate.

So please everybody here on this list, while waiting for your device,
could you behave in a way that you are supporting the core team,
instead of dispossess them/their energie?

Thank you!


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