emulator something like greenphone vmware?

Pierre Hébert pierrox at pierrox.net
Fri Jan 26 09:22:27 CET 2007

On Friday 26 January 2007 08:40, Denis Kot wrote:
> No, I don't need hardware emulator. I need "interface emulator" :).
> Where I can play with phone's interface and maybe onboard software w/o
> buying the phone. It's ok if it will be compiled for i386 or whatever.

You can use QEMU : it will provide a complete ARM virtual machine, and 
can emulate different system types (integrator/versatile). In system 
mode emulation QEMU is very handy because it provides a fb device, hard 
disk, ethernet, mouse, keyboard, etc. The hardware is different but in 
order to develop and test softwares with no special hardware interface, 
QEMU is very convenient. It will run slowly that native x86 code of 
course, but it will be nearest from the target platform. You can use the 
same filesystem that the one you will put on your phone, for example 
using a NFS root. So testing is really efficient : compile, then run, 
and put the binary on the target if the result is ok.
By default QEMU provides 926 and 1026 emulation, not 920, but it is easy 
to patch it (and some config in the kernel) to make it appear as a 920t 
machine (it is only a hack however). I made some tests this way, it 
works very well (see 
for patches, remember : just a hack).
You can use QEMU to run the familiar images for example (with some 
tweaking in init scripts), or install debian, or build your own system.


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