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Fri Jan 26 12:14:18 CET 2007

>I would like to know whether OpenMoko intends to meander its way towards
>following one of the eventual standards. Personally, I'd like to see a
>common platform that developers can develop to. When an ecosystem like
>this is starting out, I don't think it's such a good idea to have more
>than 1 or 2 choices. It makes it easier for well-established companies
>with clout (WinCE? Symbian?) to stomp out competition if they're all
>small and busy with in-fighting. Just browse down to the bottom of this
>article: ... 'Mobile
>Linux "standards" -- an embarrassment of niches?'

ACCESS is a participating member of both OSDL's Mobile Linux Initiative and of the Linux Phone Standards Forum--I'm acting chair of the MLI Steering Committee and vice-chair of LiPS' Architectural Working Group--and we've contributed to the requirements documents, API specifications, etc. for both those groups.

Moreover, ACCESS has been central in working to get LiPS and MLI to agree on what amounts to a division of the landscape to avoid overlapping or duplicative effort. This effort culminated in a formal agreement between the two groups which was announced this past August, see

So I don't think it's accurate to paint those as four different, separate and unrelated "parallel" efforts. It's our plan of record that the ACCESS Linux Platform will converge with both MLI guidelines and requirements and the set of LiPS-specified applications APIs.

I can't speak for the LiMo Foundation.

>I was just browsing through Planet Gnome a few days ago when someone
>asked why the Neo1973 wasn't using Maemo ... another fine and open
>application / development platform. As a developer and user, I find the
>scattered, non-cooperative efforts towards developing embedded Linux
>devices, in general, and Linux-based phones, specifically, to be

Hildon is far from the best choice of user interface paradigms for cellphones in general. It's pretty "desktop"-oriented, it's problematic on anything with a screen much smaller than a 770, it's pretty much designed with touchscreen and stylus in mind, etc...

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