Combine a SoC and memory on a SD card or Usb device...Re: Possibilities for commercial software?

Robert Michel openmoko at
Fri Jan 26 13:55:14 CET 2007

Salve Ortwin, *!

On Thu, 25 Jan 2007, Ortwin Regel wrote:

> I like open source and stuff but some things, especially games, are
> closed in many cases. What are the possibilities for selling closed
> software for OpenMoko devices? 

For real paranoid sellers:

Build a chip with memory and an embedded system on a microSD card or
mini usb device and sell this. Use an unique encryption for every
embdded system so that even hacking out the program from the embedded
memory wouldn't run.

This is not a joke - when you programm a very special program such
an effort could worth it. A positive effect, you will have a seriell
communication with the front end - so it will be flexible to portate
your solution to different operating systems - you have to change only
the front end. When your embedded system itself behave like a network
adapter, just a webbroser (with java) would be enough to use your
protected software. As more embedded systems come cheaper and powerfull
as much this way to sell software would become attractive.

Or spend your special software a battery and Bluetooth interface - so
having it somewhere in your pocket/rucksack/car... would be enough..

Wouldn't help when you want to sell a software licenece for just 10
Euro, but for expensive, special software solutions it could worth


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