Combine a SoC and memory on a SD card or Usb device...Re: Possibilities for commercial software?

Robert Michel openmoko at
Fri Jan 26 14:33:52 CET 2007

Salve Marcin!

On Fri, 26 Jan 2007, Marcin Juszkiewicz wrote:

> Dnia pi?tek, 26 stycznia 2007 13:55, Robert Michel napisa?:
> > For real paranoid sellers:
> >
> > Build a chip with memory and an embedded system on a microSD card or
> > mini usb device and sell this. Use an unique encryption for every
> > embdded system so that even hacking out the program from the embedded
> > memory wouldn't run.
> If part of application will run on this external device then it will be 
> quite good protection. 

I thought to let the  important part or even the full application 
running on the external device. Such an external SoC could also boost
up the power of the device, e.g. when you want to have a game or
more multimedia power...
Beside the Network/Webbrowser idea, it could be also FreeNX.

So when it is not about protection of software, 
take a NSLU2, a laptop or Playstation3 (5kg) with you,
plug it with 12/230V connect it with Bluetooth/USB to your
Neo and use your OpenMoko/Neo1973 as terminal with FreeNX....


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