IMHO no need to discuss a list of pre-installed software right now - (virtual) server image e.g. for NSLU2 ; ) Re: Required Software

Robert Michel openmoko at
Fri Jan 26 15:50:29 CET 2007

Salve Duncan,* !

On Fri, 26 Jan 2007, Duncan Hudson wrote:

> I'm sure that this has been discussed, but there will be a VPN client 
> pre-installed right? 

For the devices of 11-FEB and 11-March it isn't important what 
is pre-installed and what not and till 11-Sep it will be *much*
time to portated software, play and thinking which software will
be pre-installed and what not.

> I know it's open source and I'm free to put what I 
> want but don't you think there should be a pre-installed client that is 
> certified to work with the most popular business and prosumer router / 
> vpn boxes.

You are right, I would count it as one of the essiential networking
tools as well. But beside the pre-installed quetion I think it
is more interesting to discuss now how vpn could become *easy* usable
for users, which are no linux-admins or gurus.

When thinking about client server solutions to speed up the connection
and reducing the (expensive) mobil data traffic I think it will be realy
likly that OpenMoko add a network connected partner, server to the
- back up
- web proxy/with compression
- VPN connection
- 24/24h on server for being connection point for your friends
- ...

This could be just a virtual server immage, runnig with XEN, UML or 
linux-vserver, but also just a cheap device at your home: NSLU2.
(Rod, realy good to have you active with OpenMoko ;)

That break out box for encrypted communication to your Neo would
reduce complexity with your configurations, also your VPN connections.
Instead of > 100 different devices and to fight with too many propritary
solutions and trying to support the users, just one server-image
for a virtual use, or use on a NSLU2 as official OpenMoko solution
would keep the official system simple and homogenious.
Good for clear documentation and good to use for normal users.

What do you think?

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