Possibilities for commercial software?

Dave Crossland dave at lab6.com
Fri Jan 26 17:11:07 CET 2007

On 26/01/07, Dean Collins <Dean at cognation.net> wrote:
> Dave, whilst all software is free - rent isn't (oh and that nasty habit
> of eating every 6-8 hours is a real bitch as well).
> Of course there will be commercial software available for the OpenMoko
> community.

If this is commercial free software, that is fantastic :-)

If this is commercial proprietary software, that is a real shame :-(

> And once a developer puts a price on an application, should you 'share'
> or 'unauthorise copy' an application then you are a pirate.

Are you seriously telling me that all your software is licensed, and
you never, ever, do anything outside the license terms? :-)

> Unless of course you don't mind me coming over and 'sharing' your
> refrigerator.

I would mind because you can't copy food in the refrigerator. If you
took it without asking, that would be stealing, and stealing is wrong.

But copying isn't stealing. If I shoplift some food from my local
store, no one else can buy it. But when I copy software, no one loses
it and another person gets it. There's no ethical problem.


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