wap browser? any better one than wApua?

Robert Michel openmoko at robertmichel.de
Fri Jan 26 18:07:25 CET 2007


In Germany is the using of wap pages quite expensive¹
and unpopulare (You better by a news paper then reading
some wap pages) and I would use elinks on my server 
remotly instead of using a wap proxy, but I think a
wap browser would be interesting for some user :)

With atp-cache search and a look on freshmeat.net I
found only wApua:

I installed it on my system (Debian) and try to use
http://wap.bahn.de - the wap page of the German railway,
but I couldn't fill in Station Name and Time... so
it was not successfully.

Searching for Zaurus "wap browser" let me find the Java
browser Wapaka 
not tested yet...

Do you know another wap browser?


PS: Some GSM provider offers a GPRS data pack with e.g. 10 MB.
    I had once such a data pack, but the provider conted the
    connection as wap-click - every page count with 5 or 10 Cent!
    10 pages=more expensive than a coffe or a news paper!
    They argued this would be because I use an old browser...
    OpenMoko will allows to use a VPN than you are free from
    such bad tricks...

    And BTW AFAIK every GSM-provider beside T-Mobile use a NAT
    or firewall so communication could be started with incomming
    connections - this avoid that someone send you traffic for fun
    and you have to pay for it.

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