Will the OSDL/MLI have a yearly report as well? Re: LiMo foundation

David Schlesinger David.Schlesinger at palmsource.com
Fri Jan 26 17:57:30 CET 2007

>Linux Organisation membership and organisation politics is not my
>business, but from the linux-user point of view it is a little
>confusing that OpenMoko/Neo1973 isn't mentioned here:

Not too confusing. It's not a recent page, and the information on there was provided by members (of which FIC is not currently one, although we've invited them to participate...)

>>Or let it me say in that way, it would be nice to read about 
>OpenMoko/Neo1973 in a yearly report of OSDL/MLI, at last in the
>report about year 2007.

No doubt, but such a yearly report would be a recap of MLI's activities, like DCL's, not a general survey of what's been going on outside the group in the world of Mobile Linux at large so much. Remember: we only first heard of OpenMoko and FIC at Open Source in Mobile 2007, back in November, and--frankly speaking--there's not really much concrete substance to say about it as yet.

>Can you, or Sean, when it doesn't take to much time,  say something about 
>OpenMoko and OSDL/MLI?

Not much, really, for the reasons cited above. OpenMoko seems like a worthy and interesting effort, and we'd welcome the participation of FIC in the Linux Foundation or in LiPS whenever they're prepared to join us.
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