Possibilities for commercial software?

David Schlesinger David.Schlesinger at palmsource.com
Fri Jan 26 18:19:29 CET 2007

>> Two guys I know invested time into porting their game from PalmOS to
>> phones. It didn't sell at all but was pirated quite a lot.
>Proprietary software developers often refer to unauthorised copying as
>This terms implies that copying is ethically equivalent to attacking
>ships on the high seas, kidnapping and murdering the people on them.
>If you don't believe that sharing is just like kidnapping and murder,
>you might prefer not to use the word "piracy" to describe it.

Perhaps you might care to look into the definition of "piracy". While it doesn't particularly have anything to do with either kidnapping or murder, _theft_ (or "unauthorized taking" if you prefer) is certainly at the core of it. What Ortwin has described is theft. The term "piracy" is apropos.

Why do you appear to think stealing and profiting from the work of others, or at the very least taking legitimate profits away from those who are entitled to them, is "ethical"? And why are you attempting to suggest more "politically correct" terminology for criminal activities?

Why would anyone want a "neutral term" for "having had something stolen from me"...?

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