Will the OSDL/MLI have a yearly report as well? Re: LiMo foundation

Richi Plana myopenmoko at richip.dhs.org
Fri Jan 26 19:08:59 CET 2007

On Sat, 2007-01-27 at 01:51 +0800, Sean Moss-Pultz wrote:
> >> Linux Organisation membership and organisation politics is not my
> >> business, but from the linux-user point of view it is a little
> >> confusing that OpenMoko/Neo1973 isn't mentioned here:
> >> http://old.linux-foundation.org/lab_activities/mobile_linux/mli
> > 
> > Not too confusing. It's not a recent page, and the information on there was
> > provided by members (of which FIC is not currently one, although we've invited
> > them to participate...)
> Please don't take this a meaning anything other than we have zero free time
> ;-)

There you go! I, for one, believe that with the lack of actions,
intentions count. Sometimes they count for more than actions as those
can be misinterpreted or constrained by unforseen and unwanted factors.

It would be nice if all of these efforts come together.


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