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Harald Welte laforge at
Fri Jan 26 19:32:35 CET 2007

On Sat, Jan 27, 2007 at 12:28:19AM +0600, Mikhail Gusarov wrote:
>  HW> This is a mailinglist dedicated to OpenMoko development.  From
>  HW> developers, for developers, by developers.
> Could you explain a bit: is it mailing list for discussing development
> of OpenMoko itself only or also for duscussing develpment of
> applications for OpenMoko?

Mostly development of applications for OpenMoko.

For the development of the OpenMoko Framework and orther system-level
libraries, we currently use internal mailinglists.  Those will become
public once phase-0 starts.

Discussing development _of_ OpenMoko without ever having had any source
code release would be pretty funny anyway.  For this, please wait for
phase-0, review the sorce, and then make comments :)


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