Developers phone also fit for early adopters?

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Fri Jan 26 19:40:49 CET 2007

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Subject: Re: Developers phone also fit for early adopters?
On 1/26/07 9:40 AM, "Marcus Bauer" <marcus.bauer at> wrote:

> The fact that I didn't answer to that mail doesn't mean I didn't read
> it. Should I now say you obviously didn't follow your own annoucements
> and didn't read the topic you set on IRC because you said the phone
> would come out in January?

Listen, there's nobody on this list that wishes we'd had this phone out in
January more than I. But delays happen. You can't seriously be calling us
liars now are you?


Sean: I think you missed the sarcastic hyperbole that Marcus was attempting
to use.  He was basically saying that calling you liars would be about as
wrong as assuming since he didn't reply, he must not have read a post.  It's
a weak comparison, but no, he's not seriously calling you all liars.  I
could be dead wrong here of course, but that's how I read it.

Marcus: Either way, it was a pretty poor direction to take things in and
does nothing to help foster the spirit of cooperation that will be needed to
make this program a success.

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