Developers phone also fit for early adopters?

David Ford david at
Fri Jan 26 19:47:47 CET 2007

He's not an idiot, he's just being bluntly vocal.  I sense his
frustration with not having the device and his concern that others will
get to market first and stealing the 'community made' thunder and of
course in financial speak, the market share.

We all want toys and I'm sure OM is itching at the bit to get their
product out.  They however like every other company, will encounter
times when things don't move as fast as they want them to.  I would be
amazed if OM wasn't eager to start selling their product just to show
the world "look at what we did!"

That doesn't decrease our drooling however and sometimes people get
impatient and .. vibrant .. when goals slip.



Paul Jimenez wrote:
> Sean please just ignore idiots like this.  The rest of us know
> you're doing the best job you can and want to see the phone out
> ASAP just as much as we do.  In summary: ignore the trolls and
> keep doing what you're doing.
>   --pj

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