A cool device must have a powerfull e-book reader

Ketut P. Kumajaya kumajaya_ketut at yahoo.co.id
Thu Jan 25 21:34:33 CET 2007

FBReader have GTK+ and Qt interface. I made some modification to make it not look alien on Motorola EZX platform. EZX base on Qte with different look and feel. I think still need some work to make it smooth integrated to OpenMoko platform.
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Subyek: Re: A cool device must have a powerfull e-book reader
Dnia czwartek, 25 stycznia 2007 07:06, Ketut P. Kumajaya napisa³:
> I have ported FBReader for Motorola E680i/A780 mobile phone and I am
> sure FBReader author only need a couple hour time to make it run on
> OpenMoko if he has access to OpenMoko device.

FBReader is GTK application. OpenEmbedded has it in repository so I think 
that this will work out-of-box rather ;)

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Using Motorola E680i email client

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