Reactions From Other People to News of OpenMoko

Mary Stovel mstovel at
Sat Jan 27 00:12:11 CET 2007

Greetings Rob and Sean,

  Thank you for welcoming me to the community!   I have played catch  
up on the discussions going on here and it is very lively and  
interesting.  I am now very excited about  OpenMoko!   I can well  
understand the excitement and desire to get ones hands on this phone  
and take the impatience of some as an expression of this.  Though I  
can not help in the development of software, I might be helpful in  
coming up with some ideas of how to present this phone to the average  
user and get ideas of things they would like to see on their phone.   
Maybe get them excited about having one....  get them over sticker  
shock when they see the advantage of having a phone that you can keep  
and upgrade and have it your way.   I imagine by now, the development  
team has ideas on this, but I would like to do my bit.

Just a thought..... Recently  I convinced a friend to get a prepaid  
cell phone and hang it around her neck when she went out in case she  
needed to call for help.  This allowed her greater freedom to leave  
home and sure was less expensive than some other advertised devices.   
I thought of this with the design of the Moko which seems to have a  
nice place to put a lanyard.  There may be a nice app could be  
designed around this with a call for help button...and with GPS  
already there...just in case.
Best Regards,

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