Reactions From Other People to News of OpenMoko

Richard Bennett richard.bennett at
Sat Jan 27 12:04:06 CET 2007

On Saturday 27 January 2007 00:12, Mary Stovel wrote:
> Recently  I convinced a friend to get a prepaid  
> cell phone and hang it around her neck when she went out in case she  
> needed to call for help.  This allowed her greater freedom to leave  
> home and sure was less expensive than some other advertised devices.  
> I thought of this with the design of the Moko which seems to have a  
> nice place to put a lanyard.  There may be a nice app could be  
> designed around this with a call for help button...and with GPS  
> already there...just in case.

You could also set it up to vibrate, then biep, then ring - delayed - once 
every 15 minutes, at which point the wearer has to touch the screen, if they 
don't touch the screen within 5 minutes, a number is dialed, and the phone is 
put into speaker-phone mode, so the helper can ask if anything is wrong, even 
if the infirm person can't reach the phone...

or voice-activated call-up, if someone shouts 'help'...

You could also setup the phone to auto-answer the phone in speaker-phone mode 
after x rings if a helper's CLI is recognized...

Or you could set the phone to sound a shrill 'finding tone' like an S.O.S. 
Morse code pattern activated remotely by sending an SMS 'sos', to help 
locating wounded people. (Could even be used for rescue-workers).

If some features like monitoring ambient sounds constantly listening 
for 'help', greatly impact battery-life, a much larger battery could maybe be 
provided as accessory for circumstances where battery-life is more important 
than size and weight. (Hell, you might as well offer a fatter battery with a 
built-in usb wifi dongle for when wifi is more important than size and 
I've got to stop thinking about this...



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