addon sleeves / casings - wish

polz polz at
Sat Jan 27 12:35:30 CET 2007

According to this image:,
the Neo1973's casing is supposed to have two pairs of grooves on each side. 

Are these grooves going to be deep enough to make it possible to firmly attach
add-ons to the back side of the phone ?

Since many tinkerers will probably want to add hardware like powered USB hubs 
and other hardware to the phone, some sort of clip-on system might be useful. 
If the grooves are there for some other purpose - would it still be possible 
to add such a feature to the casing ? I know it's late, but perhaps, just 
perhaps, the moulds could still be modified, just before the first phones are 

On a related note - will it be possible to buy the telephone (addon) casings 
alone, without any electronics ? 

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