lightwight good XHTML webbrowser? Re: wap browser? any better one than wApua?

Robert Michel openmoko at
Sat Jan 27 12:58:12 CET 2007

Salve Jose!

Jose Manrique Lopez de la Fuente schrieb am Samstag, den 27. Januar 2007 um 03:43h:

> WAP 2.0 supports XHTML-Basic and XHTML-Mobile Profile, so use a XHTML
> browser instead...
> Old WML is dead!

Hmm, e.G. the German Railway is still
using wml 1.0 so what will help me an XHTML browser to
use this wappage? XHTML browser wouldn't help - it would
be nice that OpenMoko helps to use even Old (dead) WML.

Ok the railway have also page with XHTML as well:

With apt-cache search I have only found Amaya this is
a XHTML webbrowser and editor - needs several libs
and 21,6 MB additional space...
And I haven't found the config to disable editing pages,
and maby because of WYSIWYG it has some graphicaly errors...

And which XHTML browser is lightwight and good to use
with OpenMoko/Neo1973?

When I look into the source - I would like to see a
client/server splitted XHTML browser that on a server
runs the backand and only the frontend on the Neo.
- pictures and same pages could be cached on the Neo
- the transmission beween back-front end compressed
- and long pages would be transmitted in parts (on

Some average using profile of XHTML e.G. for Germany
- (railway)
- (news)
could fill the cache automaticaly when having a cheap/free
internet connection....

Ah and saving pages as an unvariable document, the chance to
beam (via Bluetooth) and printing would be something that
not every phones support.

At last - train/news/weather informations - our Neo1973 could
become a wireless mailbox for other users, where they could
download the train/news/weather informations that I had downloaded.
Maybe this could create trouble with lawers, let us call this proxy
and let us select some pages to publish with our proxy.

So a smart XHTML editor would become interesting, as well,
e.G. for changing the front page or adding some additional

The Bluetooth devicename could have up to 255 chars?


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