addon sleeves / casings - wish

Lars Hallberg lah at
Sat Jan 27 14:18:31 CET 2007

polz skrev:
> According to this image:
> the Neo1973's casing is supposed to have two pairs of grooves on each side. 
The most interesting in the image is that the back locks solid, so 
probably the whole back is removable for battery change. That opens for 
commercial add-ons that replace the back and add room for bigger 
battery. If such add-on can use the micro-sd slot, it can contain a lot 
of stuff.  Connecting thrugh the usb would work, but look less elegant

If I do any homehack, it will probably be attached on the back outside 
the case, have it's own power (fuel cell?) and connect through usb. 
Probably have a switch for charging the phone. Containing in priority:

1) Powered usb hub (most important by far).
2) Big (usb?) disc.
3) wifi (but might be external given a powered usb hub).
4) Accelerometer.
5) Camera.

That way even the warranty should stay intact :-)


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