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Sat Jan 27 15:30:45 CET 2007

>This is simply untrue.

The fact is, as originally stated, that the BSD preceded the GPL (by two years or ten) and that "free" or "open source" software certainly existed well before the FSF did. I received system distributions for DECsystem-10s in the 70s, entirely in source form...

>The freedom to become less free is a paradox.

Now, _this_ is simply untrue. I thought I'd let it slide the first time, but it seems to be becoming a slogan with you, so allow me to correct your misapprehensions.

A trivial counter-example, familiar to any law student who's gotten past his first couple of days of contract law: As an adult, you are _free_ to sign any (presumably valid) contract you choose to. Once you've signed, however, you've abandoned the freedom to take or leave the conditions placed upon you by that contract.

So, where's the "paradox", Mr. Crossland?

(You've let us know you're not a developer; it's becoming clear you have no greater level of understanding of legal issues.)
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