GNU discussion

David Schlesinger david.schlesinger at
Sat Jan 27 15:59:23 CET 2007

On 1/27/07 3:33 AM, "Mikhail Gusarov" <dottedmag at> wrote:
> Please don't think your opponents are ignoramus. Nearly everyone here
> knows very well both the position of BSD people, and essences of GNU
> homilies.

Personally, I'd be a lot more impressed if Mr. Crossland were able to
articulate any of these viewpoints in his own words, rather than repeatedly
feeding us pointers to canned propaganda.

The page Mr. Crossland cites actually offers no particular rationale as to
why GPL is "better" than BSD, other than dark mutterings about the
possibility of someone's using code in "non-free software".

Is that not a freedom one can legitimately choose to allow to others, Mr.
Crossland? Or is the "freedom" described by the FSF the only allowable

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