GNU discussion (was re:Free your phone)

Gabriel Ambuehl gabriel_ambuehl at
Sat Jan 27 16:36:55 CET 2007

On Saturday 27 January 2007 15:58:46 Andraž 'ruskie' Levstik wrote:
> > (You've let us know you're not a developer; it's becoming clear you
> > have no greater level of understanding of legal issues.)
> I won't comment on this as IANAL.

This is entirely right (albeit IANAL either). For example, if you take on a 
job, you surrender freedom of movement for parts of the day, too, in exchange 
for something you want, usually mostly your salary.

There are certain bounds to this, and for good reasons btw as in most 
countries it's not legal to enter into contracts (actually you might be 
allowed to enter into one, but courts would refuse to hold it up) that would 
make you a de facto slave of the other party but outside this, you're free to 
give up freedoms whenever you like.

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