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Sat Jan 27 17:17:52 CET 2007

On 1/27/07, Gabriel Ambuehl <gabriel_ambuehl at> wrote:
> On Saturday 27 January 2007 16:10:43 Declan Naughton wrote:
> > But I prefer copyleft - the idea of using the law to try and make sure
> > freedom doesn't go away, to giving others the freedom to take it away.
> If others take code under the BSDL and put it into a closed system, freedom
> doesn't go away at all. It just doesn't necessarily extend any further.

You are right.

I'd rather see freedom be required to be extended to others having the
freedom to refuse to extend it - freedom to refuse to extend freedom.

It's a little more complicated (freedom to refuse to extend freedom)
to thinking in the individual basis which it seems is all Schlesinger
can do, but that's how it is. I like what R Man said.

> It has gone away for the users of that system.

I don't think so. FreeBSD users are equally free to how they were
pre-OS X, they just gained about nothing from Apple. I hope nobody
would be bitter if (when?) FreeBSD sees it's doom to a non-free fork,
it would seem they should think of it as "all good".

Declan Naughton

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