Position of u-SD slot?

Michael Dickens mdickens at nd.edu
Sat Jan 27 21:02:16 CET 2007

I'm interested in making use of the u-SD slot with a card much like  
the Spectec microSDIO WiFi 11g Card, but one developed "in house" for  
more general wireless networking.  I assume that the u-SD slot is  
accessed via the back side of the device, but does anyone know if it  
will be behind the battery or on the side of it?  Behind the battery  
doesn't work so well for wireless without using antenna, while beside  
leaves this as an option (with a minimal antenna).  There is, of  
course, the meta question of whether or not the hardware can support  
such a card at all ... I really don't know the SD spec well enough  
yet (but that's coming sooner rather than later ;).  Thanks for any  
thoughts or comments! - MLD

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