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Jon Phillips jon at rejon.org
Sat Jan 27 22:33:29 CET 2007

On Sat, 2007-01-27 at 16:04 -0500, Pius A. Uzamere II wrote:
> So, Sean, can you create some sublists now? (e.g. openmoko-dev,
> openmoko-freedom)  People have floated the idea quite a bit, but this
> isn't a float . . . this is a direct request from a relatively new
> member of the community. 
> While I do believe that the issues of freedom and licensing are
> germane to the community, I'm truly concerned that we're getting to a
> point where people who should be working together to make this project
> one of the greatest achievements in open source history are instead
> alienating other contributors with inane bickering.  
> All due respect to the people who've been arguing these (seriously)
> very important issues, but do you really think that a 3-5 e-mail
> rebuttal sequence about the respective creation dates of the BSD and
> GNU licenses is helping the community?  Even if you do, surely you'd
> agree that it'd be useful to take such detailed discussions about
> licensing to some other non-general area. 
> Anyway, PLEASE let's create some sublists so that we don't screw up
> something with the potential to make a real impact.
> Here's hoping someone's listening,
> Pius

Hey all, let me highlight a couple of things. First all, the last thing
any project would want is to put bickering and negativity onto *any*
infrastructure (new lists, wikis, etc). Rather, we should strive for a
positive community and police ourselves and each other. 

Also, I would recommend any conflicts and personal issues, arguments and
discussions that seem even the slightest bit rude, should be dealt with
offlist. This is just how things are best dealt with in open source.

If anyone would like to read more on one of the best ways to deal with
with problems on open source projects, please read the poisonous people


Otherwise, let's work together, keep discussions relevant about OpenMoko
project (generally), and be just as civil as we would demand in real
life, but here in virtual life :)

Also, yes, when discussions go pretty off-topic, it is a good idea to
take these ideas to the appropriate places, such as licensing lists,
etc. And, we should all encourage this in the most civil and positive

Also, I would like to note that part of the issue is that there is not
one solid thing for everyone to work on *yet*, and hence, the random and
various personal opinions take over (and I've seen this many times).
Thus, we need to police ourselves, be extra positive towards each
others, and deal with conflict privately, offlist when it happens. 

The consequences are a bad, negative project that no one will want to be
a part of. Let's work together! :)


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