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>I would really appeciate some evidence of this...

Fine. You're correct that the GPL and the BSD came out in the same year. In any case, there was, as I've said, plenty of "free software" (although few licenses) a decade and more before any of this.

Now that I've agreed that I was incorrect on that fairly minor point, how about you provide the evidence to support your contention that copyright was intended to "benefit the general public when they could not make copies of their own"?

Also, perhaps a response to my question as to how I'm being "unethical" by using Photoshop and Illustrator.

I'm likewise still very interested in understanding how it's "more wrong" to respect the wishes of an artist as regards the publication of his or her material than it is to tell a friend that you feel they ought to purchase a copy of the material in question in accordance with those wishes.

Not to mention an explanation about where I got left in your ethical analysis when you decided it was "less wrong" for you to hand your friend a copy of my photograph, gratis, for use in his magazine, than it was for him to rob me of the fee I ask for the use of that photograph.

Your turn.

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