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Ortwin Regel ortwin at
Sun Jan 28 01:46:20 CET 2007

"I just saw you use your phone while driving!"
"No, officer, I was only checking my blood alcohol level!"

Great... :D

Also, I wonder what the German law has to say about using a
breathalyzer while driving...

On 1/28/07, Bryce Leo <bryce.leo at> wrote:
> Oh don't get me wrong I completely agree with you and I would whole
> heartedly buy a usb add on if one were created, i'm just saying that
> it would be really cool but currently is cost prohibitive for the
> first version.
> That would be a really neat selling point for the next version, gps
> and a breathalyser the ultimate college student phone, then when you
> wake up dazed and confused you'll know weather you should drive back
> home and also know how to get there. :-D
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