Hint for gmail-users: How to mute a conversation

Sencer alisencer at gmail.com
Sun Jan 28 09:57:57 CET 2007

Hello fellow openmoko users,

For all gmail-users there is an easy way to deal with the threads that
just won't die.

Given the last 1-2 weeks on this list I think this topic is not
offtopic in the least. I know that finding out about this feature is
what kept me subscribed to this list. :) Here is a way to permanently
"mute" conversations you are not interested in. I think that's a good
enough solution, until maybe some other form of regulation keeps some
people in line.

Here you go:


* * * * *
How can I mute (ignore) a conversation?

If you're subscribed to a mailing list, you've no doubt been subjected
to the 'thread that just won't die!' If you're part of a long message
conversation that isn't relevant, you can 'mute' the conversation to
keep all future additions out of your inbox.

By using the 'm' shortcut key, new messages added to the conversation
bypass your inbox so that the conversation stays archived. If your
address appears in the to or cc field, though, the conversation will
pop back into your inbox ready for your attention.

Muted messages are not marked as read, are still searchable, and can
specifically be found by searching for:


Filters will still be applied to muted messages.

To un-mute a conversation, select the conversation and select Move to
inbox from the More actions... menu. Doing so will move the entire
conversation to your inbox and will remove the mute action, so that
future messages are also delivered to your inbox.

* * * * *

Have fun. Bring back the joy! ;)

Kind regards



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