Possibilities for commercial software?

Ian Stirling openmoko at mauve.plus.com
Mon Jan 29 03:58:29 CET 2007

Mike wrote:
>> The amount of applications available for the phone is not the goal;
>> the goal is to have a 100% free software phone.
> That is abosulutely not the goal. The goal actually IS a "[large] ammount
> of applications available for the phone". If someone from OM chimes in and
> says OSS-only really is the goal, I'll buy a Palm Treo tomorrow and never
> look at this project again.  This way of thinking about the neo is a
> microcosm of the problem with the linux community in general.


We _want_ mobile myspace, ...

The phone should ideally when you take it out of the box have as its 
first option settability into several modes.

"What's your favourite website (touch one)"

Myspace, 4chan, cnn, ft, sourceforge, what's a website?

Or something similar, that means that the computer illiterate never see 
anything that might confuse them (ideally).

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