Possibilities for commercial software?

Ken Wong ken at exoweb.net
Mon Jan 29 04:34:51 CET 2007

On 29 Jan 2007, at 09:52, Mike wrote:
> The linux community *overall* quietly wants linux to be a walled- 
> off OSS
> only world. They have never quite been comfortable with commercial  
> apps
> running on the linux platform.

It's quite common to mistake the vocal minority for the overall will  
of the community. I can't be 100% sure that's the case here, since  
there is no comprehensive survey of the "linux community", but it is  
a common problem. Quite a few people can't be stuffed to get involved  
in the flame wars and would rather just focus on the code.

For most of the rest, I agree with you. For me, the attraction of the  
OM phone is the functionality that I can build on it, not that it's  
only loaded with 100% Free Software. Few, if any, other phones grant  
us this level of access. I'm really looking forward to the cool apps  
and ideas that flow when we free our phones ...



> "only-OSS-third-party-application-friendliness", then we've got  
> linux all
> over again, and suffer the same marginalized fate of 0.39% (desktop
> market) after a full 15 years.

I work in a company with 100% Linux desktops, except for the OSX  
laptops floating around. The desktop's ready for the workplace, but  
there's a lot of intertia to overcome. 

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