lightwight good XHTML webbrowser? Re: wap browser? any better one than wApua?

Jose Manrique Lopez de la Fuente jsmanrique at
Mon Jan 29 09:03:51 CET 2007

Hi Robert!

2007/1/27, Robert Michel <openmoko at>:
> Hmm, e.G. the German Railway is still
> using wml 1.0 so what will help me an XHTML browser to
> use this wappage? XHTML browser wouldn't help - it would
> be nice that OpenMoko helps to use even Old (dead) WML.
> Ok the railway have also page with XHTML as well:

That's what I mean. Old WML is dead, since 5 years more or less,
people are working in WAP2.0, so I XHTML browser is the only need.

> And which XHTML browser is lightwight and good to use
> with OpenMoko/Neo1973?

I think that Gtk-WebCore based one would be nice. Specially if it has
ssl and javascript support. Perhaps Koen could say something about
gpe-minibrowser ;-)

> When I look into the source - I would like to see a
> client/server splitted XHTML browser that on a server
> runs the backand and only the frontend on the Neo.
> - pictures and same pages could be cached on the Neo
> - the transmission beween back-front end compressed
> - and long pages would be transmitted in parts (on
>   demand)

I think it would be nice if Neo 1973 or OpenMoko devices could serve
their capabilities information so servers could adapt the content to
the device. I think you should check W3C Mobile Web Innitative[1] and
Wurfl[2] project.

Another aproach is UAProf[3]. When a mobile phone does a HTTP request
it sends an URI in HTTP X-WAP-Profile header that links to a RDF file
which describes device capabilities (screen size, max storage size,
etc.). So before sending the xhtml page to the phone, the serve adapts
images and file sizes for the device, so user gets what he wants. Of
course, this needs some server adaption layer. I've done some little
python hacks for that.

Another option is OperaMini, or some OpenMoko open solution based on
that. I am thinking about some kind of "mobilizer" (similar to
Volantis one), that get xhtml code, device info and serves content
adapted for it. This would require code analisys to "discover" what is
a menu, main content, etc.

Just some ideas ;-)


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