Q: desktop software?

Bryce Leo bryce.leo at gmail.com
Mon Jan 29 15:05:54 CET 2007

> I would like to use FreeNX to use the Neo1973 from
> a Workstation, and to have video projctor presentation
> live from a Neo1973.

That sounds like a fantastic idea. It should be pretty simple to get
something like FreeNX up and running on the device.

> Then a full emulation to use the full Neo1973 power
> (beside the touchscreen) on a workstation as well.

Other than the touchscreen what sort of power are you referring to?
I'm probably thinking to literally as desktops are far more powerful
than a handheld.

> Very cool would be an emulation via web with java,
> (maybe with FreeNX again) without any local installation.
> (in this case with an own server running the emulation)

> So when the Neo1973 would get lost, lay at home/in the car
> only access to any (trustworthy) workstation would be ok
> to use the Neo1973.

Remember for as trivial as that may be to set up for slightly more
technical folks, imagine if a very non technical person (i'm thinking
of my mother right now) were to have to buy a new computer and found
herself locked out of her phone. Now it's simple to say that they
should read the manual(s) that come with the device, however we do
know that "no one" reads them and everyone loses them.

I will say that I would love love love to see that as an option!

> Then do I think that client/server solution would become
> more important then device/desktop software one, even for
> normal user.

I think that the client/server solution is far more powerful and
flexible, however the simplicity of "Hotsync" the one touch backup of
your palm device is what made it so popular in the first place. I can
take my Treo 650 home every day, connect a cord, press one button, and
It's connected, now that's convience. I feel that that's the sort of
conveince and simplicty that we  should shoot for. One touch backkup
is a fantastic convience and a big +1 when it comes to deciding on a

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