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>  You'd have to be doing some serious zigzagging: resolution of GPS at 
> street level is about 50 meters...

Exactly the point!! if you're zig zaggin that much you definately need to
have the cops get called!

But on a serious note, how could it be 50 meters? That's about 165 feet...
in certain cases about 3 different roads... Most of the Garmin products are
at 1m/3feet resolution. I'm sure that most consumer devices are within about
2m/6ft. Do you have numbers that I don't in this case?

Bryce Leo

I'd have to agree on this one, I use GPS systems in several areas and
generally see resolutions between 2 and 10 meters on average with 5-6 sats
in use.

Granted to detect zig zags you'd need to be quite careful with how you used
the data, telling the difference between weaving and dodging pot holes...

Maybe I should light the touch paper and suggest this be a use for the
famous accelerometer that's been mentioned so much ;-)


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