Fancy animation with GPS power for promoting OpenMoko/Neo1973?

Robert Michel openmoko at
Mon Jan 29 15:59:35 CET 2007


walking across my university, passing all other students,
I thought that a fance animation with some information
and demonstration of the OpenMoko/Neo1973 power, especialy
with live GPS demonstration would be nice to promote
No not to atrac(?) the laydies... no, no - I just think
that everybody who's passing should see the power of
OpenMoko/Neo1973 and will 
- remember
- get interested in this device/plattform
and maybe get active himself.

When have some videos and some simulations
(runnable without installation with Java..) it could be
a way to promote OpenMoko/Neo1973 - at least to other
people who like to develope....

IMHO the clue would be that the animation would include
the position - lates news - wether information and maybe
what food will be offered in the mensa/cafeteria...

Of course this would consume power, but for just 3-5 minutes
walk it would worth it ;)

Do you have more ideas? Do you have ideas how to make such
a animaiton? With which (non-flash) tools?


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