Phone enhancements

Ian Stirling openmoko at
Mon Jan 29 16:01:51 CET 2007

Bryce Leo wrote:
>>  You'd have to be doing some serious zigzagging: resolution of GPS at 
>> street
>> level is about 50 meters...
> Exactly the point!! if you're zig zaggin that much you definately need
> to have the cops get called!
> But on a serious note, how could it be 50 meters? That's about 165
> feet... in certain cases about 3 different roads... Most of the Garmin
> products are at 1m/3feet resolution. I'm sure that most consumer
> devices are within about 2m/6ft. Do you have numbers that I don't in
> this case?

Unless the GPS in the neo is terrible.
Some numbers I did back when GPS SA got turned off, using a Garmin GPS12 
at a fixed basepoint,
10s averages are red dots,
green 100 second, magenta circles 1 hour, cyan squares 6 hours, and 
black 24h.

Percentages are percent that fall inside the circle of given radius of 
10s averages.

Some data I've later gotten from driving around with it indicate that 
picking which lane you are in (4-5m) is not particualarly hard.

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