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Mon Jan 29 19:56:20 CET 2007

> On 1/29/07, Mary Stovel <mstovel at> wrote:
>>  The pictures of the Neo show a clock.  Will this be a world clock?
>>  I would really like one so that when I get to Germany next year, I
>>  can keep track of time back home for making my calls.  One with
>>  ability to set alarms would be great.

Great idea, Mary. As someone who travels a fair bit, and has family on 3
continents, I need this. Please add to the appropriate page on the wiki.

Another feature I would like is the ability to have the time be the default
display, in a BIG font filling the screen. It seems that 90% of the time when
I pull my cellphone out of my pocket it's to check the time, and on my current
phone the time is displayed in such a small font that I need to put on my
glasses in order to read it while the rest of the screen is empty. Not a good
use of screen real estate.

This sounds like a fun little application that I am highly motivated to
implement, if no one else does.

On Mon, 29 Jan 2007, Andrew Turner wrote:

> Well, what if you just entered the phone number - based on the country
> code & region/area code, the time is displayed at that location.
> Or when you go to your address book and show a user, it shows the time
> for that person.
> And while you mention it - re: Alarms, the *best* interface feature
> for an alarm I've ever seen is on my current mobile. After you set the
> alarm, it confirms by saying, "Alarm will ring in 8h 40m". That is
> such a comfortable feeling to confirm the alarm is set right (that
> it's not for PM by saying 20h ;)
> Andrew

Great idea, that confirmation. I once had a flight to catch early morning on
the day of the change to daylight savings time. I didn't know whether my
cellphone was automatically going to change when daylight savings took effect,
and whether it was smart enough to take that into account considering that I
set the alarm the night before. I was so concerned about getting it right that
I set two alarm clocks.

I got them both wrong :-) *

Extending your idea, I'd like the phone to (optionally) say something like:
"Change to daylight savings occurs tomorrow at 2am. Taking this into account,
your alarm will ring at 6am, which is in 8 hrs and ...".

Which brings up another point: I presume that date and time updates are
provided by the carrier, but how we use them depends on the application.
Taking Mary's initial comment, I'd like my phone to be aware of the 4
different times I'm interested in, and when I switch on the phone in a new
country to automatically make that the local time and add the previous local
time as another of my "interested" times. This comes in handy when trying to
make calls along the way and for keeping flight arrival and departure times in
order in my head. I can later delete the intermediate times that were added
while making changes to connecting flights.

* I made the flight anyway, thanks to the taxi driver with a loud horn and a
bit of patience :-)

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