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David Schlesinger David.Schlesinger at
Mon Jan 29 19:55:33 CET 2007

Speaking as someone who travels (a _lot_) widespread and configurable
support for time zones would be a very attractive feature. For example, if
there's a portion of the status bar (or equivalent) that's
user-configurable, being able to throw a second widget or gadget or whatever
in there to display the time in a second timezone would be a nice feature.

(OT: R. Buckminster Fuller had the habit of wearing three watches when he
was on lecture tours or otherwise traveling: one for where he'd been, one
for where he was going, and one for the time at his home...)

Multiple timezone support on Microsoft's current mobile OS's is horrific:
you basically have to dig down through the settings to get to a pop-up menu
item which, monolithically, transmutes everything on the system to an
alternate timezone, at which point you can back all the way out and enter
your appointment, say, in the zone you want. Then you have to deep-dive
through the settings again to change it back. There's no supplied world
clock application. Outlook desktop support is laughable as well, in
different ways.

ACCESS' Garnet OS (nee "Palm OS") is much better--you can create
appointments in their native timezones, and there's a world clock
included--but still not quite as good as it could be.

On 1/29/07 10:27 AM, "Andrew Turner" <ajturner at> wrote:
> Well, what if you just entered the phone number - based on the country
> code & region/area code, the time is displayed at that location.

That's a nice idea.

> Or when you go to your address book and show a user, it shows the time
> for that person.

Also a good idea, but it should be configurable (as should contact display
in general, ideally). With limited screen real estate, you may not be able
to (or want to) display all of a fully populated contact record, so
configuring the display, ideally on a per-record basis, is a plus...

> And while you mention it - re: Alarms, the *best* interface feature
> for an alarm I've ever seen is on my current mobile. After you set the
> alarm, it confirms by saying, "Alarm will ring in 8h 40m". That is
> such a comfortable feeling to confirm the alarm is set right (that
> it's not for PM by saying 20h ;)

See, that's an excellent idea. If you can get confirmation of something in
an indirect or secondary way, that's a really good validation of the

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