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Al Johnson openmoko at
Mon Jan 29 20:04:01 CET 2007

Also time related:
Setting timezone based on location
	I can see by your location you've changed timezone from X to Y. Would you 
like to change timezone?
Setting timezone of events in PIM
	Depart Calais at 21:00 (GMT+1), arrive Folkestone 20:30 (GMT). iCal files can 
represent this, but I've yet to use a PIM app that'll let me set it. 

On Monday 29 January 2007 18:27, Andrew Turner wrote:
> Well, what if you just entered the phone number - based on the country
> code & region/area code, the time is displayed at that location.
> Or when you go to your address book and show a user, it shows the time
> for that person.
> And while you mention it - re: Alarms, the *best* interface feature
> for an alarm I've ever seen is on my current mobile. After you set the
> alarm, it confirms by saying, "Alarm will ring in 8h 40m". That is
> such a comfortable feeling to confirm the alarm is set right (that
> it's not for PM by saying 20h ;)
> Andrew
> On 1/29/07, Mary Stovel <mstovel at> wrote:
> > The pictures of the Neo show a clock.  Will this be a world clock?
> > I would really like one so that when I get to Germany next year, I
> > can keep track of time back home for making my calls.  One with
> > ability to set alarms would be great.
> > mary
> >
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