transparent effect to overlay two calender Re: idea: World Clock

Robert Michel openmoko at
Mon Jan 29 20:55:49 CET 2007

Salve Mary,*!

Nice idea :)

On Mon, 29 Jan 2007, Mary Stovel wrote:

> The pictures of the Neo show a clock.  Will this be a world clock?    

I would like that the normal calendar shows time of daylight
- brigher background during the local day 
- darker background during the nigth (maybe including the
  influence of the moon of the nigth darkness..)
<gag> dark background during solar eclipse :))

Some Linux desktops does have transparent windows,
another idea would be charing calender informtion with
partner/friends - to see when the best time would be to
call them, or to arrange a date.... having the calender
of the partner in the background.

Now when the partner's calender has dark background I see
when at his localisation the sun will go up/down so it wouln't
be so important to compare the numbers of hours to call at the
right time - the overlaping calender will make it more

Imagine a team/group of 7 people will have a (virtual) meeting and
they want to find the best date for everybody - instead of big
anoying discussion what is with Monday... transmitt the free
times via Bluetooth or GPRS (encrypted) to the others and everybody
can see his calender in front and the other layers with free times
from the team members so it will be visibil (maybe inverted=show
only the time when a person haven't time) for everybody when
the best date would be and when there is a good date where e.g.
only on person haven't time, the 6 can ask him directly if he
can move his date....

What do you think? Will it possible to use transperent effects
to have several layers on the screen?


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