Silent mode timeout

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Maybe to implement these ideas in general:

- take idea of shortcut in general as some functional aspect of the
- define these with time or position data to make a cue, to allow timed
and/or position based trigger of the shortcuts

If the phone's shortcuts could be triggered via a straightforward sdk
call then these features could be implemented on top of system service
daemons like crond.  Maybe there is a similar daemon to crond that
resonds to the GPS coordinates already for linux?  If not, not hard to
make with easy coordinate info access.  These could execute a
command-line binary which calls the SDK to trigger a shortcut, with a
number as an argument to identify the shortcut id.  Of course, I don't
know if the SDK would even cover something like shortcuts. 

Shortcuts could be things like dialing a number, changing to a mode
(loud/silent/forwarding/no call waiting), changing to a service
provider, etc.

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Stefan Schmidt wrote:
> Hello.
> I cc openmoko-devel for interested developer.
> On Mon, 2007-01-29 at 09:30, Ben Burdette wrote:
>> A simple feature that I'd like to see is a silent mode timeout.  What

>> always happens with my current phone is I set it to silent mode
>> I'm in a movie or a meeting, and then later I forget to turn the
>> back on.  This leads to a lot of missed calls.
> Nice idea. I have the same problem. :)
> I also like to see the silent mode integrated with my current gps
> posistion. Define locations where you are often ond like to have a
> silent phone at this place. Theater, cinema, meeting room, lecture
> room,...
I was thinking the same thing for 'The baby room', etc.  However, we
might want to be a little careful with the manager that switches
profiles.  e.g. In 'airplane' mode, it shouldn't switch to 'silent with
radio on' when your flight path goes near your home:)  I suppose that
the gps shouldn't be on either in airplane mode, but I hope it
illustrates the point. In summary, I think that the profile manager
should be able to have sticky profiles or the ability to veto requests
by the gps auto-profile switcher/deamon to change profiles.

> Of course there are unknown places and at this moment your silent
> timeout comes into play.
> regards
> Stefan Schmidt
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