DBus for Generic Data Access Methods?

Kalle Kärkkäinen kalle.karkkainen at intstream.fi
Tue Jan 30 12:31:06 CET 2007

ti, 2007-01-30 kello 10:58 +0000, Jim McDonald kirjoitti:
>    - Current DBus object paths are application-centric (this is by 
> choice of the application)
> [..snip..]
>    - There seem to be two options (ignoring the uninteresting ones):
>       - take a combination of the existing application-centric paths and 
> make it available somewhere as a reference guide
>       - create a new set of paths which form an OpenMoko standard and 
> are adhered to by all (friendly) apps that run on OpenMoko

I agree to this completely. Especially the second option, when thinking
about openmoko as a device with features and the custom-programs sending
events to governing services via dbus.. This all needs a layer of some
kind, something that defines the different services a little. Namely the
paths, of course.

For example, when thinking different gps-states (or phone states for
that matter).. when application needs a more precise location, it'd send
a message via dbus, wanting to change gps-state to use more resource for
better positioning (or faster tracking). I'd favor having a wrapper for
the paths. Having system-dbus working as a set standard would really be
cool. But it should also be designed to accomodate changes in the
features (no gps in some openmoko platform).

Or maybe by just having a definition of it in a sense of 'this is where
it would be should we have a feature like this' is not a bad thing at

As always, dbus is still there for the hardy-coders that want to use
application-centric paths.

Kalle Kärkkäinen

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